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Highland Park Plumbers – 24-7 Plumbing 4U

Whether your pipes are clogged or broken, no matter if you need gas lines installed, or your water heater inspected, 24-7 Plumbing 4U are your premier Chicagoland plumbing contractors in Highland-Park, standing by day and night to meet your every plumbing need. Your once held pipe dream of a reliable, experienced, and highly efficient plumbing service is a reality.

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Plumbing Services in Highland Park

Emergency Issues

Clogged drains, Burst pipes, Sink/bathtubs/shower drains, Auger toilet, Sump pump/Ejector pump replacement, Backed-up sewer systems

Sewer Repair & Drain Cleaning

24-7 Plumbing 4U deals with all types of pipes, whether they are clogged, punctured, collapsed and root penetrated. We will excavate the area and install a Cleanout for future services. 

Camera Inspection

With the camera inspection, we can see inside the pipes and drains without doing anything invasive to the inside of your home.

Water Heater

Replacement / Installation, Commercial and Residential

Sump Pumps

24-7 Plumbing 4U does the installation, maintenance, and replacement of the sump pumps and also the backup sump pumps.

Basement Waterproofing

Drain Tile Installation

Driveway Drainage Solutions

Drain Tile Installation. It is critical to have driveway drainage set up in your home to avoid flooding and seeping water into your home/garage. We will make sure everything is done properly to avoid potential problems and frustrations in the future.

Remodeling & Additions

Whether you're finishing your basement, or adding a sunroom to your 1st floor, our north shore plumbing contractors have vast experience and knowledge when it comes to these types of jobs.

Residential Appliances

24-7 Plumbing 4U can properly install all your new plumbing fixtures. Improper installations are often the cause of leaky drains. Our entire work is based on the Illinois Plumbing Code.

RPZ Test

The RPZ is known as Reduced Pressure Zone device which tests the backflow of water. This device is installed on plumbing systems to protect the public drinking water and the city supply from cross-contamination.